Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9.5 miles to go

Brody started Kindergarten last week. Stressful, exciting and tiring. And that's just me...can you imagine how Brody was feeling? (insert smiley sarcastic face here). Anyways, as life often throws obstacles in your path, exercise (and for me, that means running) got thrown to the sidelines.

But the good news is that the week off gave me some renewed energy because yesterday (August 12, 2103) I ran my longest distance to date since starting this silly training. Three and a half miles. On the treadmill no less, which for me, is a feat in and of itself. Physically, I felt fine. My heart rate was higher than I would have preferred, and I was definitely tired at the end, but I did it.

And today? My left knee hurts. The dreaded "runner's knee" has already hit. I am a little shocked, because I have run further distances in the past, and its always my RIGHT knee that has given me trouble. Today, its my left. I will attribute it to tight quadriceps and hip flexors...and of course, needing to get more miles in to build up my leg strength. Let's see all I need to do is take today's 3.5 mile run, repeat it four times and then....and then...REPEAT it four more times? Really? I want to know who the genius is that decided humans really want to try and run 13.1 miles for the hell of it.

And by the way, in case you are wondering what this half marathon is all about, I posted a link below. As you can see, its for women of all levels, which is the only type of half marathon I would ever consider running.

Did I really say I was considering running a half marathon?

3.5 miles down.

9.5 miles to go.

And counting........


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